EcoFlex Rooftop Air Conditioner

EcoFlex Rooftop Air Conditioner

The EcoFlex is our new minibus A/C. With improved performance, low weight and many smart solutions, it is the easy choice if you’re looking for reliable A/C for your vehicle.

Electric fully automatic modular climate control system with a full range of options.

EcoFlex is our brand new driver A/C family.

ecoflexThe self-contained unit (EcoFlex 4E) consists of all components including scroll compressor and brushless motor drive. You can also choose a model with just a condenser and compressor for a split system (EcoFlex 4ES). A third model (EcoFlex 6) is available which includes all components except the compressor. This model can be used as a passenger A/C for minibuses.

All models are manufactured with extensive use of aluminum components and ABS covers, in order to keep the weight to a minimum. The cooling systems have been optimized to provide the maximum cooling performance with a minimal refrigerant charge.

The unit is of course protected by an attractive cover.


  • Low weight thanks to aluminum parts and ABS Cover
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Improved performance, using high performance heat exchangers
  • Less vibration, with a quiet scroll compressor
  • Pre-charged with freon
  • Attractive design
  • Modular system
  • Easy to install
Ecoflex 4E

EcoFlex 4E (electrical)

This is the 24V DC complete, factory-charged driver AC. Just install and connect to the electrical system and it is ready to deliver cold air. Comes with all components including reliable brushless motor drive, scroll compressor, evaporator, condenser and fans.
Can be used together with the optional air distributor module (see optional air distributor below). Mainly used as a driver A/C for city buses and truck cabs, etc.
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Ecoflex 4ES

EcoFlex 4ES (electrical split)

This is the model to choose if you want to integrate the evaporator in the defroster. The EcoFlex 4ES includes reliable brushless motor drive and scroll compressor, condenser and condenser fan.
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Ecoflex 6

EcoFlex 6

This model is the non-electric EcoFlex, ready to connect to the bus compressor. Including evaporator, condenser, fans, and all necessary components. Can be used together with the air distributor module (see optional air distributor below). Mainly used as passenger A/C in minibuses, special vehicles, etc.
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Air Distributor (optional)

Optional EcoFlex air distributor

To complete your purchase, the EcoFlex 4E and EcoFlex 6 can be combined with the air distributor panel, mounted in the bus ceiling, consisting of recirculation inlets, recirculation filter, and practical directable louvers.

As an option an integrated control panel is also available.

Sprinter with EcoFlex unit installed.
Interior of Sprinter with EcoFlex unit installed.

Technical Specifications

EcoFlex 4E EcoFlex 4ES EcoFlex 6
Application Driver AC (city buses) Driver AC (city buses) Minibuses, special veh. etc.
Type Complete AC System Compressor/Condenser Condenser/Evaporator
Compressor Type Scroll Scroll
Cooling capacity 3.8 kW 3.8 kW 5–6 kW
Voltage 24V 24V 12/24V
Heating capacity (low speed) No No No
Fresh air (Yes/No) No Yes No
Width 776 mm 776 mm 776 mm
Length 1200 mm 940 mm 940 mm
Height 190+20 mm 190+20 mm 190+20 mm
Air flow (free) 600 m3/h Depends on application 600 m3/h
Current consumtion, max 65 A 62 A 11A @ 27V 22A @ 13.5V
Refrigerant Charge 750 g Depends on application Depends on application
Weight (total) 47 kg 38 kg 19 kg


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